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Reinforecd Mica Tape

Reinforecd Mica Tape

The fire-resistant layer and the heat-resistant reinforced layer have strong
insulating and fire-resistant properties.
Phlogopite Glass Mica
t is the most ideal and preferred material for the manufacture of refractory

Application & electrical performance at high temperatures:
GB/T12666.6 and IEC 60331 standard.Refractorywire and cable class B requirements,750-800C,1Kv
voltage for 90 minutes without breakdown, insulation resistance is not less than 1.0MQ.


Product Information

Contruction: Film/phlogopite mica/ fiberglass  / Fiberglass/phlogopite mica/ fiberglass

Thickness: 0.14±0.02mm / 0.16±0.02mm

Width: 220±20g/m²

ID: 76mm/102mm/152mm/300mm

Tensil strength: ≥120N/cm

Mica content: ≥60%

Elongation at break: ≥65Mpa

Dielectric strength: ≥10MV/m


Reinforecd Mica Tape
Reinforecd Mica Tape